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Faiz Marriage Bureau gather certain information from our members, which is essential, to enable us to provide you with profiles that match your requirements. The information collected on Faiz Marriage Bureau cannot be used by anyone to ascertain the identity of a particular individual. Faiz Marriage Bureau (Matrimonial service by Faiz Young Circle) collects information like name, mailing address, contact numbers, email address, current location, status in country of residence, age, gender, religion, caste, sub caste, gotra, time of birth & city, personal information such as height, color complexion and preferences you seek in your life partner. Providing this information enables other members and visitors to search your profile and help them to know about you prior to contacting.

All communication sent from  Faiz Marriage Bureau will be sent to the email address that you provided at the time of registration. Your email address will not be revealed only to paid members.  Faiz Marriage Bureau will not sell or share your email id to other than members of  Faiz Marriage Bureau (Matrimonial service by Faiz Young Circle) without your consent. The private information can be changed or discarded by the members at any point of time. 

Links with other Web sites

Through our affiliate program we are connected with other web sites as well. Hence you might find links on our site to those affiliate web sites. Once clicked on this link you are directed to that particular web site and no longer are on Faiz Marriage Bureau , therefore the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Faiz Marriage Bureau (Matrimonial service by Faiz Young Circle)  do not apply.


Faiz Marriage Bureau (Matrimonial service by Faiz Young Circle) only puts in the effort to extract accurate information from its members but in no way guarantees the authenticity of the same. Any members data found on this web site is in no way the expressed opinion or views of Faiz Marriage Bureau. Any profile put on this web site should not be mistaken as a recommendation made by Faiz Marriage Bureau.

Members Image

We Will Take pictures of Members  (Images for members ) because we need manual verification its an actual member or not.

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